Osteopenia Diagnosis, Recovery, and Running

A few years ago I wrote about my journey with osteopenia. For several years I kept breaking bones (metatarsal and fibula) or getting stress fractures despite taking vitamin D and thinking my diet was good. And as a man in his early 40s this was distressing.

Several years later, I’m injury free, run between 30-50km per week and feel more robust than ever before.

Someone came across my older blog site and contacted me asking for advice on how I was able to return to running. This is what I sent plus I’m adding additional information. Others with osteopenia may also appreciate this advice.

Thanks for reaching out. I’ve come a long way and feel a lot more robust than when I discovered I had bone density problems. I’ve yet to get another bone density scan but I feel a lot stronger now than I did several years ago. Continue reading

The Calorie Myth

I’m not a doctor or a nutritionist but I know what works for me. I’ve never really been overweight except for when I was a young teenager. For some reason when all my friends at school started getting taller I got wider. In grades 7 and 8 (ages 12-13) I gained a lot of fat. My cheeks got big and my waist wider and it came with a lot of teasing, name-calling and bullying from school and from my family. I didn’t know much about nutrition at that age and was pretty sedentary other than my short walks to school and back. I ate a lot of McDonalds, potato chips, cookies, pasta and very little good meats and vegetables.

Continue reading

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